5 Uses Of Computer in Our Daily Life Make Easy

use of computer in daily life

The uses of computer in daily life According to statista.com, 49.7% of the total population in this world use computers at home.Could you guess where this sophisticated device use? If you look at your daily activities from morning to night, you will see the computer’s influence in almost every task. If you are a student, teacher, doctor, or scientist you

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What is VPN ? 7 Advantages of VPN – All you need to know!

Advantages of VPN

VPN is a powerful virtual private network, ensures us to get a secured connection. The secured connection means where the third party won’t eye on our surfing history, cookies history, or unable to sneak into our system. A powerful shield also allows us to unblock thousands of websites across the world. That said, if you are going to open a

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The Advantages of Assembly Language Over Machine Language

advantages of assembly language

When you look at a car, then you will see it takes oil and converting oil into energy then ply. When you investigate the reason behind then you will identify a system that converts the oil into energy. Likewise, when we input data like image, text, etc then the computer makes those understandable through a system named assembly language. Apart

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Types Of Storage Devices! In-Depth Knowledge in 2020

Types Of Storage Devices

You will find the storing items become one of the crucial tasks in our daily life. That’s why when you look at your home, you will see the presence of almirahs, wardrobes to store your daily necessary items. Likewise, we get so many necessary information daily and we need to store those for future use. It will be better if

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What is the Difference Between Analog And Digital Computer 2020

Difference Between Analog And Digital Computer

If you are a tech-savvy person then you will familiar with the name of analog and digital computers. This segmentation is based on the computer’s use, output type, users, etc. You should acquire basic knowledge of the difference between analog and digital computer for future benefit. As a knowledge hunter, you could able to fulfill your curious mind on these

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