Top 5 Video Streaming Android Apps in 2020

top 5 video streaming android apps in 2020

Online becomes one of the handy as well as an acceptable source to acquire information. Information you could obtain by reading various blogs like you read this one. But watching video is considered as the easiest way to obtain knowledge. Here you will find multiple apps for your little palm-size device. In this article, you will come to know about

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Learn What Are The Limitations Of Computer In Our Daily Life

Do Computers have limitations?

If you look at the 1st computer that required 1800 sq ft with 30 tons of weight and cost $487,000 similar to $7,195,000 in 2019. If today’s computer is like that one then will anyone wish to get one? From my perspective, 99.99% will show their unwillingness without hesitation. Hence, today we can see 49.7% (according to 2019 Statistics), people

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What Are the Main Components Of a Computer System?

Main Components Of a Computer

If you think about your body then you will identify some major parts like lunch, kidney, heart, brain, etc play a vital role to run. Likewise, in a car, a tire, battery, axle, brakes, etc helps to run a car. Similar to these, there are some main components of a computer which we need to know to get the best

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Network Topology Advantages And Disadvantages In 2020

Network Topology Diagram

A computer undoubtedly has a great impact to make our life cozy. If you are in school, office, home, or in business, the computer assists to enhance the performance level. But the most notable thing is in an office or business, a computer helps to maintain a connection with your colleagues by the network topology system. You should have a

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5 Uses Of Computer in Our Daily Life Make Easy

use of computer in daily life

The uses of computer in daily life According to, 49.7% of the total population in this world use computers at home.Could you guess where this sophisticated device use? If you look at your daily activities from morning to night, you will see the computer’s influence in almost every task. If you are a student, teacher, doctor, or scientist you

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