What are the Classification Of Computer?

Classification Of Computer

There are various types of Computers where each differs from the other in data processing, data handling, and especially in functionality. The classification of Computer can be done according to four bases. They are: What is computer generation and types? Generation of Computers refers to the improvement of the hardware and the performance after the advancement in each generation. For

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How do I protect my eyes while looking at a computer screen?

protect my eyes while looking at a computer screen

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and authentic mediums to solve a user’s necessary problems. Today, a computer becomes a great companion for humans especially in this lockdown situation its implication can’t express in an article. The majority of our time we need to spend in front of the computer. Here, a question comes to How do I protect my eyes

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5 Reasons Why Your Computer is Lagging And How To Fix Slow PC?

5 Reasons Why Your Computer is Lagging

Think about this lockdown situation nobody cannot go out or lead a normal life. So, stay inside home and remain idle becomes a normal lifestyle nowadays. To overcome this moment, the computer will play a great role by giving pleasure by playing games, watching videos or learning,  and etc. But sometimes, some awkward situation makes us irritate instead of giving

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10 Top Grossing Android Games in 2020

Top Grossing Android Games

Lockdown situations make our normal daily life abnormal. For this, we need to pass an idle moment inside the four walls. Sometimes this makes us dull, here, you can use your smartphone to overcome this dullness. One of the ways to get pleasure from it is by playing games. Today, we are here to present you 10 top grossing android

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5 Best Screen Locker Apps for Android in 2020

Best Screen Locker Apps for android

Generally, a smartphone contains lots of personal as well as valuable information nowadays. This is because we can reserve information for a long time as well as it is a handy way also. But here, security issues make us frightening.  Not only steal information by hackers but also if no lock use then someone can easily steal your information. Here

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5 Best Android Faceapp Alternatives in 2020!

best android faceapp alternatives

Due to the alleged controversy surrounding the FaceApp’s data hacking, people are looking for the best android faceapp alternative in 2020. This entertaining android application could generate highly realistic face transformation by using swapping filters to look old, young, or even change gender and all prior to the latest trends. People are getting extremely cautious with data security, to meet

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